Extended Warranty

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Endon Lighting extended warranty form   Endon lighting warranty policy   Endon lighting warranty form  


With effect from 1st August 2018 all products purchased from this date will be subject to the warranty policy below. Purchases made prior to this date will be dealt with on an individual basis.

This warranty policy is relevant only to luminaires (‘Products’) sold under the brands of Endon, Saxby and Interiors 1900 which are brands owned by Poole Lighting Limited (Company Number 4740426) (‘the Company’ ‘our’ ‘we’).

All Products are covered by a 1 or 2 year standard warranty (except for glass components which are excluded from any warranty). Additionally, some Products are eligible for an extended warranty and to identify if your Product could benefit from this please refer to our online warranty lists

(AS above link WARRANTY INFORMATION), www.endon.co.uk , www.endoncollection.com , www.saxbylighting.com  , www.interiors1900.com .

Our standard 1 year and 2 year warranties commence from the date that the new Product is purchased from the authorised wholesaler or retailer and extended warranty terms are as follows:

2 year extended warranty – includes 1 year standard warranty plus a further 1 year 

3 year extended warranty – includes 2 year standard warranty plus a further 1 year 

5 year extended warranty – includes 2 year standard warranty plus a further 3 years 


•  Any claims made in the first 12 months of purchase must be made directly to the wholesaler/retailer from which the product was purchased and must not be made directly to the Company.

•  To request an extended warranty please download and complete our Warranty Extension Registration Form which can be found on the Company website, www.endon.co.uk , www.endoncollection.com , www.saxbylighting.com , www.interiors1900.com . The completed and signed form, together with a pdf copy of the original purchase invoice/receipt should be submitted by email to extendedwarranty@poolighting.com within 90 days from date of purchase. Standard and extended warranties are only valid in relation to Products that have been purchased from our authorised wholesalers or retailers. Once we have received your completed documents we will verify your request for an extended warranty and, if approved, we will issue you with a Customer Warranty Registration (‘CWR’) number which must be used in the event of a warranty claim. Any extended warranty claim that is made without a valid CWR number will be rejected.   

•  The Product must have been installed by a qualified electrician in accordance with the instructions supplied with the Product or by law and relevant regulations. Installation must be carried out in appropriate environmental conditions, such as ambient temperature, moisture level and air flow. This list is not exhaustive.

•  The Product must not be installed in or near marine, sea or coastal environments (unless specified as 316 Grade or above) or where fertilisers or chemical pollutions are present. 

•  Unless authorised by us in writing any warranty claim will be invalid if the Product has been repaired, attempted to have been repaired, altered or modified in any way by any person. 

•  The Product must not be subjected to improper use, misuse, damage or similar treatment for which the Product was not designed which includes but is not restricted to:
o Failure to carry out regular cleaning and aftercare on Products as required within the instructions provided on or with the Product.

o  Failure to carry out scheduled maintenance of Products as required within the instructions relating to operation and battery replacements, specifically in relation to emergency Products.

o  Voltage variation that exceeds 230V +10%.

o  The use is based on average life of 3000 annual hours, fluctuations in temperature and voltage can cause earlier failure or depreciation outside the average expected by the component manufacturers.

•  The extended warranty is non-transferrable. 

•  In order to make a claim under the extended warranty we must be informed in writing of the defect within 5 calendar days of the defect first occurring or of discovery of the defect.

•  The full Product to which the warranty claim is being made must be returned to the Company at the time of making the claim unless otherwise advised in writing by the Company, the return address will be advised when the defect has been reported.


•  The extended warranty commences immediately after the standard warranty period ends. The extended warranty expires at the end of the extended warranty period and the Company shall have no further obligations after this date. Any replacements or repairs of Product(s) carried out under the extended warranty will only be covered for the remaining extended warranty period of the original Product(s) purchased.


•  During the extended warranty period, the Company may at its discretion, repair or replace any part or the whole of the Product that it deems to be defective due to faulty materials or manufacturing. If the Company is unable to replace or repair any defective Product(s) under the extended warranty the Company will act in good faith to provide a close alternative of similar specification.


•  The Company shall not be liable for any loss of profit, any indirect or consequential loss nor any costs, damages or expenses whatsoever except for liability that is prohibited to be excluded by law.

•  The Company’s total liability in connection with the provision of the Product(s) shall be limited to the price paid by the customer for the Product(s).

•  The Company shall not be liable for any replacements installed by or any repairs carried out by any installer that has not been authorised by the Company. 

•  If any warranty claim is found to be in breach of any of the warranty conditions in Section 1, the costs of investigation, repair or replacement shall be paid by the customer.

•  The customer shall be liable for payment of costs in relations to third party site visit(s) for installation investigations should the installation be found to be faulty or non-compliant with legislation and/or NICIEC standards.

•  Following expiry of the warranty, the Company shall not be liable for any further costs for the installation of the Products or for installation of any replacement product.


•  Variations in the colour, appearance or dimensions of the Products from that advertised in the catalogue or trade literature shall not constitute a defect under this warranty policy.

•  Defects arising as a result of fair wear and tear by the customer and those whom the customer allows to use the Products will not be covered by the standard or extended warranties.


•  Please provide details of the claim, together with the CWR number by email to extendedwarranty@poolelighting.com. After you have received authorisation from the Company, please return the complete Product or sub-assemblies/parts, to the Company address as directed by the Customer Service Department.

•  Any Product(s) returned under the extended warranty should be appropriately packaged to prevent damage during transit. Any return under the extended warranty is done at the sole risk of the customer and the Company will not be liable for any damages or losses sustained during transit.

•  All carriage and return charges/duties are the responsibility of the customer and are not covered by the extended warranty.